Can you answer 'yes' to any of the following?

  • Are you a business or artist without a website?
  • Does your website look like something from the Stone Age?
  • Does your current website rank badly in Google?
  • Do you need to pay every time you make changes to your website?
  • Have you searched aimlessly looking for a new website provider?
  • Would you like your website to be built by a company specializing in Small Business and Artist Development?
  • Have the other solutions you've seen been overpriced and inflexible?
  • Need your print material to portray your brand?

If you answered YES to any of these questions it is time to speak to KickinBack Designs.

Graphic Design

While creating your own newsletters and business cards may have seemed like a necessity when you first started your company from your kitchen table, continuing to do so is limiting your potential business. Like it or not, people's opinion of your company is often made in the first few seconds, and during that time nothing has a greater impact than the appearance of your marketing materials. You may have the best products in the world or offer customer service that is light years ahead of your competition, but unless you can present an image of a superior company, you may never have the opportunity to prove it.

Our Range Of Services Include:
  • Brand identity
  • Company brochure
  • Corporate presentations
  • Banner add creation
  • Artist album design and packaging
  • Interactive presentations
  • Product launch concepts
  • Product & CD artwork design

Website Development

Our experienced developers will help to create powerful website content that focuses on converting the casual visitor to a customer. Our skilled website designers will optimize your content to incorporate certain keywords or keyword phrases into the natural language of your site, further enhancing its value and increasing the overall effectiveness of your website.

Powerful website content that connects with your target market. Compelling copy that integrates keywords and keyword phrases to further optimize your website for the search engines. We help you target your messaging and branding to increase visibility and impact within your market. Creative and dynamic content presents a solution to visitors searching for specific needs. KickinBack Designs can make all the aspects of your business available through your site so visitors continue through the purchasing and fulfillment process, and is then serviced through the site if there are questions or concerns. With our unique architecture, KickinBack Designs has the ability to manage huge web environments including advanced shopping carts integrated with management systems, multi-media publishing, e-fulfillment systems, customer service systems, and back office applications.

*Individual and Small Business IT Support

Today's technology can be confusing and overwhelming. Here at KICKINback designs we strive to make technology work for you. From your computers to your network security and everything in between. Let KICKINback designs be the help you've been searching for.

Small Business Networking

Everyone in your home or office can be on the Internet, share files and share a printer. Desktops and laptops can be networked together so you can share all your resources.

Wireless Networking

Looking for a wireless solution to your small business? I offer the latest in wireless technology with the peace of mind of network security and reliability. Whether you are looking for a home office set up or a robust system with multiple access points, I have the right solution that is affordable and scalable to your business growth.

Desktop and Laptop Diagnostics and Repair

Retailers who offer IT services have one goal in mind: Sell you new PC’s, new equipment. My goal is to extend the life of your current systems and improve their efficiency. This will allow you more time and money to spend on growing your business. All PC repair comes with a thorough diagnostic, and estimate before any work is authorized without any up-charges on parts.

Managed Support and Preventive Maintenance

With managed support there is no need for an in-house IT Staff. I specialize in keeping you up to date with the latest changes so you can grow and become more efficient. My goal is to improve your network uptime by offering remote monitoring of your PC’s. This would include scheduled maintenance for security scans, allowing for critical updates and patches for your workstations

PC Tune-Ups

Cleaning your computer is a critical element in getting the most out of your PC and improving efficiency. A PC tune up includes removing “Bloatware” (programs, and applications that slow down your computer), and installing the latest updates so you can view web content and PDF files.

Malware/Virus Removal

Malware and viruses are a threat to your data exposing your company to corrupted file systems ultimately creating downtime. My goal is to secure your computer, and get you back in operation quickly.

Offsite Backup

Offsite backup will protect your most important assets – your customer lists, your receivables, and your contacts. I offer demonstration, set up and training on affordable and secure offsite backup systems.

Reach out to our professional IT specialist

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social medial marketing is proactive marketing that connects your business to new customers beyond search engines. There are many social media sites out there and we know how to leverage all of them.

In order to participate in social media you will need to first have a blog. This is the place where we publish new and fresh content on a weekly basis.

When you have your own active blog and social media campaigns, it is you who controls how your brand is represented on the internet. You create your own buzz and help to solidify your website at the leader in your industry.

Besides all the benefits of having SEO Services create and manage your social media campaign, KBD can also leverage the campaign to improve search results.

We fully coordinate organic link building and social media management to explode your online business traffic.

If you are serious about succeeding online, social media and reputation management services from a professional company is essential to long term success.

When used correctly, a social media campaign can:
  • Bring in new customers that that have never heard of your company or products
  • Help maintain current customers and improve customer loyalty
  • Improve organic search engine rankings
  • Improve your company’s brand image and reputation
"When it comes to e-commerce, KBD has it covered completely! Without KBD, my company would not stand a chance. They have been professional and hands on every step of the way. Not only can they GET your company on track but they will also KEEP your company on track. One of the most impressive things about this company to me is the lightning fast speed in which they get things accomplished!

I have worked with Robert for several years now and I know my company is in good hands with him at the helm. I never have to worry when it comes to my website, my store, etc.. and that is rare in today's marketplace. Aside from the business aspect, Robert is a kind soul and a great guy. He has always been willing to go the extra mile. There is no doubt, KBD is a MUST have company and priceless in today's e-commerce world. Thank you Robert and the entire staff at KickinBack Designs."

Curtis Lance~Red Neck Rock Inc. Nashville