About Us

Power of T.E.A.M.

In today's business environment it has become critical to create an identity on multiple platforms from print to web where existing and potential customers can find you. That identity will define and give your company the competitive edge. KickinBack Designs believes in the power of T.E.A.M. a solid approach to rounding out your company's future providing the Power-Play it requires to push your quarterly results year after year to the next level.


KickinBack Designs researches and designs technology for your company providing a unique experience.


KickinBack Designs research and development team are hard at work every day creating new ways to keep you and your company, our clients, in the upper echelon of their respective industries.


KickinBack Designs can propel your company's outreach though Social Media Marketing (SMM), e-mail, print design and World Wide Web outlets.


KickinBack Designs team of industry experts will customize a marketing plan and action plan that will increase your brands marketability using all aspects of KickinBack Designs.

An Effective and Compelling Website Is Your Most Valuable Asset! Your website is often the initial introduction of a prospect to you. Every aspect of the site must be carefully executed and professionally managed to ensure you create a site that supports visibility on the web, high-impact when viewed, and a compelling connection with the visitor. KickinBack Designs websites and Artist MySpace pages are, most importantly, attractive to "human" visitors. In fact, they're beautiful! Ask us about Google marketing and optimization opportunities including AdSense, AdWords, XML Site Map Submission, and Analytics integration!